Steak Picado at Taco Mesa: CM

taco mesa


My parents aren’t Mexican, but if they were this dish would make me think of home. If I’m feeling blue I just head down to Taco Mesa and order this for myself and eat at the counter. I end up feeling like an anonymous prince.

This dish is like the time you figure out a little pain makes pleasure better. It’s like the first time you drove a car by yourself. It’s like coming home to a clean house, a great meal, and not having to do the dishes.

The real winner here is the Caldillo sauce. You are going to want to use the rice to sop ever every speck of that sauce. Heck, I’d think about ordering an extra side of rice unless you are cool with picking up the plate and tilting that warm sauce down your throat in front of everyone. Heck, you can bend the plate…. go for it.


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