Italian Hoagie at Philly’s Best: FV


The underground girl. There’s that girl in a room that everyone notices at first. There’s a buzz. People are talking about her. People know who she is by name before she even shows up.

Then there’s the underground girl. It’s not until later, when you are talking with your friends that you bring her up.

Hey did you see that quiet girl in the back corner?

You mean the one with the blue scarf?

Yeah her.

Dude, she was hot.

Seriously dude.

That’s the Italian Hoagie at Philly’s Best in Fountain Valley. When you go to a Philly’s Best the first thing on your mind is the Cheese Steak (w/ Wiz, onions and peppers… just saying), but their second most popular sandwich is the Italian Hoagie: for a reason.

I love it. I get it without lettuce, the lettuce makes it look prettier, but I don’t want a salad on my sandwich. Get the Hoagie spread (spicy pepper mix) it makes the sandwich extra hot.

Like the underground girl.


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