Fish Burrito At Alerto’s: FV


Do you like punching your friends with Hulk hands, karate chopping styrofoam, or knocking down castles made of wooden blocks? Do you love being CRUNCHY? Me too so whenever I can I destroy a Fish Burrito from Alerto’s near the corner of Slater and Brookhurst in Fountain Valley.

Listen there are plenty of Alerto’s, or Alberto’s or some other play on that name in Southern California and I’ve eaten at them all. Only the Alterto’s in Fountain Valley makes the perfect fish burrito.

  • Their sauce is perfect, mixed with the fresh crunch cabbage, it’s a perfect coleslaw
  • The fresh onions in the pico de gallo are crunchy
  • The tortillas, dear god, the tortillas, I have never not finished a tortilla at this Alterto’s location, it’s perfect.

But it’s the insanely crunchy fish that makes this. Drizzle a little salsa and get smashing little Hulk, it’s clobbering time. (Yeah I know that’s a Thing line)


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