Monster Fish Tacos At Normita’s Surf Taco: HB


Have you ever eaten love? When I was in high school my aunt would make Toad in the Holes. It’s basically a piece of toast grilled with a soft set egg in the middle. We would pour warm Maple Syrup over them. The love part would come, when she would take the time to grill all of the little leftover squares and put some maple syrup on them. That little stack of two inch squares symbolized everything I loved about my aunt.

When I pony up to the too small window counter at Normita’s Surf Taco, two giant fish tacos sitting before me, I feel loved. The fish tacos at Normita’s Surf Tacos on Beach Blvd. in Huntington Beach are perhaps the finest fried fish tacos that you can get for under 5$. (I had to put that 5$ disclaimer in because of Taco Maria‘s 16$ tacos)

These things are HUGE. The picture doesn’t do it justice. Yes each taco is over 4$, but it’s so worth it. Watching them take a perfect piece of Mahi out of the Tupperware lovingly dredge it in batter and fry it up. Can you taste it, the love? I can.


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