Charsiu Fried Rice Burrito At Fuji’s Famous: FV

They say you can never have a bad pizza: that’s a big fat lie. Every meal has the chance to be good or bad. Have you ever taken a friend to a favorite restaurant, recommended your favorite meal, and due to a new chef, or an off night, the dish just failed to live up to your expectations?

That’s a low floor moment. What’s low floor?

In professional sports each college player earns as designation as either a high ceiling player or a low floor player. High ceiling players have great potential, but could also be colossal busts (aka low floor).

High floor players will provide value no matter what. They might never become an all-star, but they’ll be a valuable player for 15+ years.

The Charsiu (Pork) Fried Rice Burrito at Fuji’s Famous Burger in Fountain Valley is the highest floor thing you will ever eat. It’s impossible to get a bad version. It’s a warm burrito, filled with fried rice, and charsiu, just right there it’s great. But you can add bacon, avocado, heck you could add onion rings- it’s all good, you simply can’t ruin this burrito. It was always make you feel you got your money’s worth… and a little more.


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