Chuletas Ahumadas At Taqueria Don Victor: HB


Every single year the editorial team at the OC Weekly Food section makes me so mad, I just want to climb over the wall, drop the gloves, and fight them all. Especially Gustavo Arellano, he should know better. I love Gustavo’s mind, his creativity, his sass, his explorations, but when he and the OC Weekly Food team put together their OC Weekly Top 100 Dishes of the Year, they always make one big mistake.

Eastern Canada is know for many great food finds, the Anthony Bourdain killing restaurant Au Pied de Cochon, Poutine, Fiddleheads, but my favorite Acadian dish is salted pork. Oh god, salted pork makes bacon look like roller hockey.

Unfortunately there aren’t any Acadian restaurants in Orange County worth visiting. (Yeah I know of that one) so you can imagine my daily sadness as I eat my peanut butter and molasses without any salted pork.

Fortunately, I like going to hole in the wall restaurants and trying new things. One day I visited a small restaurant on Beach and Slater in Huntington Beach, Taqueria Don Victor. I glanced over the menu and almost had a heart attack. #50 Chuletas Ahumadas…. salted pork chops.

Thank you John Candy!

They are perfect. I could eat them all in about fifteen seconds. Luckily for me Don Victor makes fresh tortillas from scratch, so guess what I make: salted pork tacos! They look like this:

tacoJust go ahead and grab your Ski-Doo (Snowmobile) and get yourself some salted pork from Don Victor and laugh and laugh just thinking that this dish has never made the OC Weekly top 100 dishes.

PS- If I don’t see this dish in next year’s OC Weekly Top 100 dishes I’m going to be this mad.


One thought on “Chuletas Ahumadas At Taqueria Don Victor: HB

  1. I had this last time i went by.
    The whole world became colorful.

    Washed it down with a negra modelo.

    You know what?
    Im gonna go back right now…..

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