Bandera Breakfast Sandwich At Blackmarket Bakery: CM



No waiting in line. No waiting outside. No grabbing a sticky syrup container and spending the rest of the day trying to wash it off your hands. If you want a perfect breakfast, just go to The Blackmarket Bakery in The Camp in Costa Mesa, order a Bandera breakfast sandwich and a coffee and you’re set. Did I mention it’s in The Camp on the corner of Bristol and Baker? Feel free to walk around and go shopping afterward, might as well follow up your perfect breakfast sandwich with a picturesque day of shopping.

The only downside to the sandwich was that is was a touch on the salty side for me, but I’m pretty sensitive to salt. I think they salted their eggs. To me if you already have salty cheese and salty chorizo you can go light or even omit the salt from the eggs. But I’d order it again and again, regardless.


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