Truffle Parmesan Fries At Eat Chow: NB


I have a confession. I can only eat french fries while they are hot. Luckily the Truffle fries at Eat Chow in Costa Mesa are HOT. Damn are they hot. And by hot I mean sexy, I mean tasty, I mean better wash your hands first cause you are going to be licking your fingers good.

My dad used to put parmesan cheese and melted butter on our popcorn when I was a kid. These are just like that. You know those places that don’t want you to put ketchup on their stuff cause it’s perfect already and then you wish you had brought a bottle of ketchup with you cause their chef is obviously insane or had blown out taste buds?

Eat Chow will bring you ketchup. It’s good ketchup, but you won’t need it on these fries.


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