Vegan Grilled Cheese Crisp at Seabirds KItchen: CM


Dear Lord,

When I die can you please make sure that the angels who own, operate, cook, and serve at Seabirds Kitchen are “manning” the food service in heaven?

Thank you.

Okay seriously, how the hell (sorry God) can a VEGAN grilled cheese be one of the better grilled cheese sandwiches I’ve ever had? Let’s see what’s in this thing…

sourdough grilled cheese melt with sharp cashew “gruyere” spread, creamy basil avocado sauce and a kennebec potato chip crust… 

Wait what?! A potato chip crust? That’s how you go about changing WTF to FTW! It’s so damn good (sorry again God).

So don’t wait too long cause it’s on the WINTER menu. Get yourself pronto to Seabirds Kitchen in the Lab on Bristol in Costa Mesa.

PS: Of course you should get the tomato soup. Seriously, were you even wondering?


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