Baja Rub Ribs At Achiote Grill: HB


It’s not often that someone texts me a restaurant special. But when my friend sent me the following urgent text, I knew I had to act.

Achiote Grill has a RIB special. It’s amazing. There’s only two left.

So Achiote Grill in Huntington Beach is not a bbq restaurant, it’s not a rib joint. It’s a South American restaurant that most people assume is just a Mexican restaurant. They don’t do things the way most places do things. They love to throw unusual flavors together. Even a side of fruit will have splashes of unexpected flavor.

The ribs were as promised: amazing. They are a part of their weekly special rotation. A rotation that lets Achiote Grill take advantage of seasonal fish, special meat, or fruit selections. I’ve never had a bad meal here. But if you find out they are serving rib.



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