Grilled dog at Dave’s Burgers: Signal Hill

Grilled Dog Dave's Burgers

You’re on the 405. It’s after noon and your tank and stomach are running on empty.

You exit on Atlantic in Signal Hill, head north a couple blocks until you see the 76 station on your right.

You start filling up on gas and then you stroll a few steps south to the tiny red and white shack in the corner of the parking lot: Dave’s Burgers. But you’re not feeling a burger, so you order the grilled dog.

Tiffany will remind you that it’s served on a hamburger bun, then she splits two Farmer John beef hot dogs, grills them up on a flat-top to a tasty char, and lays them atop a bed of lettuce, tomatoes, and long, sweet strips of  grilled onions.

You grab an icy Coke from the cooler and you finish it and the dog a few minutes after your tank is filled. You’re back on the road dreaming of summer and backyard BBQs.

A perfect pit stop.


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