Chile Relleno Burrito at Fiesta Grill: Huntington Beach


The Gomez family runs four Mexican restaurants in the Huntington Beach area: two Fiesta Grills and two Molcajete Grills. Each location serves my favorite burrito in the world.

Its construction is deceptively simple. It starts with a scrambled egg poured out on a flat top stove, an Anaheim chile grilled next to it. Once the egg sets up, the chile is placed on top and a fistful of shredded jack cheese is piled on next. That trio gets folded up, then wrapped into a pillow-soft burrito with beans, cheese, and rice.

Notice I didn’t mention meat. Vegetarians rejoice. Meat eaters despair not. You’ll never miss it. The smoky essence of the grilled chile enhances every bite—umami in a burrito, with just a hint of heat, and no greasy batter shell to spoil it.

I like to spoon the house salsa over the burrito and use a fork and knife to create magical morsels. Sometimes I replace the utensils with a tortilla chip as the burrito bites’ delivery mechanism to their final resting place: my mouth. I let each bite linger longer than usual. I want this moment to last forever.

A final tip (one I’ve yet to share publicly): order a side of corn tortillas and build your own chile relleno burrito taco. It’s next level noshing.


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