Taco Alambre at Taco Mesa: Costa Mesa


It’s the day after Thanksgiving and I have no business eating this taco today. I’m still feeling and reeling with delight from my smoked turkey dinner, chased with a peanut butter mousse pie with chocolate ganache, so I shouldn’t be indulging my palate like this, but it’d be a culinary sin to settle for leftovers. I need a fresh and rich follow-up meal.

The taco alambre is that meal.

Yes, a meal in one taco. One meal for $3.50.

Bright red glistening onions top a pile of grilled steak and peppers (red, green, orange) with cheese and bacon marbled into the mix. It’s all folded into a soft corn tortilla. The grease tends to pool at the bottom, so it’s a good idea to tilt it a tad before consuming.

I’ve attempted two in the past, but I regret it every time. The richness of the first taco just demolishes the possibility of properly savoring that beefy, bacony delight.

Instead, I pair it with an order of red chile chips (they mix guajillo chiles into the dough) and a couple cups of Taco Mesa’s complimentary cauliflower and carrot escabeche.

A three-course meal for $5.25. Not many meals can beat it.


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