Carne Asada Mulitas: AT Tio Flaco’s: Fountain Valley


Solve for X: X+Costco+one story library+tract housing+fast food restaurants+Fountain Valley = Awesome.

Sometimes things don’t add up.

How can a vanilla city, like Fountain Valley, ever add up to awesome?

When X = Tio Flaco’s Carne Asada Mulitas.

What’s special about a carne asada mulita from Tio Flaco’s? Well, start with and finish with the meat. Huge slabs of beef are lightly seasoned then tossed on a white hot grill fired by chunks of real wood. That smoke you smell will be the only flavor needed to elevate this carne to the best tasting carne in Orange County.

Then add two freshly grilled tortillas, guacamole, melted cheese, salsa, onions, and cilantro. It’s almost like a Quesadilla, but it’s a mulita, and that mulita = awesome.


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