Juicy Chicken At Oudon: Fountain Valley

juicy chicken

Is the juiciest fried chicken in Orange County served in a Japanese Soup House? Maybe. Can you try it yourself for less than $3.50? Yes.

A little sweet, a lot crunchy, all juicy, the Juicy Chicken appetizer at O*udon in Fountain Valley is a food find for sure. Ever since trying this dish it’s the number one thing I make people try when we stop by.  Everyone says the same thing: “oh wow.”

Forget the Japanese rap music blasting from the speakers (it’s great), forget the Spicy Chicken Ramen (also great), forget the cool plastic bill holders, forget the super nice guy who seems to run the place. Make sure you order the Juicy Chicken and then try and figure out how you can convert their restaurant into a fast food drive-in chicken spot, cause then you’ll be a millionaire.


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