Egg and Chinese Sausage Banh Mi At Lynda Sandwich: Westminster


I remember one time getting in trouble with my Aunts. They called me in the kitchen and then surrounded me in a circle. This wasn’t a small circle.

I have five aunts just on my dad’s side of the family. That’s not including the aunts I have from my uncles getting married, than I would have ten aunts on my dad’s side of the family.

So they stared at me and then one of them asked:

So who IS your favorite aunt?

See the problem is that I love all my aunts and whichever one is currently feeding me IS my favorite aunt at that moment.

After a few moments of silence we all laughed, knowing that I loved them all.

And that’s the problem with a good egg banh mi in the morning. I love all good egg banh mi. Some of them have those crunch edges, some of have that perfect yolk. But unlike my aunts, I actually do have one favorite egg banh mi and that’s the one from Lynda’s Sandwiches on Beach Blvd in Westminster.

The eggs is perfect, the bread is great, the fillings are fresh, but it’s that darn Chinese sausage that seals the deal.  Yeah I feel guilty about picking just one, but it’s a delicious guilt.



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