Steamed Meatball At Lynda Sandwich: Westminster

Steamed Meatball

Do you remember the first time you saw a Pez dispenser? You were probably about three or four and you saw this cool plastic thing with the Hulk or your favorite cartoon character and you wanted it just cause it looked cool. Then your mom or dad bought it for you and then loaded it up with something and then held it up to you and the head almost fell off but low and behold:

There was candy coming out of that cool plastic thing that you wanted. Holy crud, this is the best thing ever!

That’s how I felt when they dropped that steamed meatball in front of me at Lynda Sandwich in Westminster on Beach Blvd.

So I’m looking at the menu and I don’t want anything heavy, I’m just not that hungry so I order a single steamed meatball. I figure what the heck. After a short wait out comes this amazing small bowl of broth with a single meatball in yet. BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE. They also bring out a baguette cut into six pieces so that you can make a VIETNAMESE FRENCH DIP with the broth of the soup. Holy crud, it was so good. It was like your dad’s best meatloaf only it didn’t need any ketchup. All this for under 4$.

It’s an adult pez dispenser. Damn I love living in Orange County.


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