Hot Dog Topped w/ Fries at Joe Schmoe’s: Cypress

Most people equate french fries with hamburgers and they are not wrong. In and Out Burger is argument enough.

However there is more to life. Stretch yourself a bit and step up to the plate. Try french fries on top of your hot dog, like “Joe’s Special” at Joe Schmoe’s in Cypress.


The “Joe’s Special” (secret menu item) comes with typical hot dog faire: catsup, mustard, onions, and relish. But the addition of french fries makes it a home run like Jose Bautista’s in the 2015 ALCD Game 5 in Toronto.

The novelty of having fries resting on top of your hotdog wears off quickly as the fries trot around the bun at first base, the dog itself at second base, and then tastebuds cheering as the fries round third base and your tongue slaps them on the butt on their way to being mobbed by the rest of the team at home plate in your stomach.

Bat flip and all.



by @rushtheiceberg




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