Famed Ricotta Toast At SQIRL In Los Angeles


Remember the joy of flying on an airplane when you were a kid and getting to sit near the window? Remember flying above the clouds and thinking that if you could just step outside you could walk on those fluffy white clouds forever? Well I grew up and I learned a few things about clouds, but not everything.

Apparently SQIRL in Los Angeles serves clouds and jam or about as close to it as you’ll ever get without going to heaven first. The thick toasted brioche I could sleep on; the pillow of airy ricotta I could live on; the thick blanket of blueberry rhubarb jam I could snuggle under… forever, but then I’d never get to eat it, and it it I did. This is one of those things you want to eat before your meal and then after your meal, just to make it last and linger. How can simple toast taste so heavenly?

I’m not sure, somethings I just don’t want to know too much about, like clouds under the wing and toast with ricotta and jam. Thank you SQIRL for making me feel six again.


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