Jidori Teriyaki Chicken At Local. Healthy Tapas & Sake

chicken dish

I have a confession to make. Mom I’m sorry. Every time my mom cooked chicken: roasted chicken, bbq chicken, pan fried chicken she would cook enough to have left-overs. But every morning when she woke up she would yell out “who ate all the skin off the chicken?!”

It was me mom. I’m the skin thief. Whether it’s chicken skin, salmon skin, or pork skin, I love the interplay of crispy and fat. That interplay is perfectly highlighted in the Jidori Teriyaki Chicken at Local. Tapas & Sake in Costa Mesa. You could tell it was going to be good before you even took a bite. The smell of perfectly cooked chicken made me smile before she even put the plate down. It’s juicy, crackly, salty, fresh… everything you would want in a chicken dish and then there’s the salad and that super tasty dressing.

There were no leftovers for the fridge this time.




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