How To Use On Your Phone To Find Great Food

For years I have had friends call me up or text me with a request like this: “Hey, I’m in [this] city, where should I eat?” or “Hey, I’m going to [this] restaurant, what should I get?”

Now you can always use Yelp, heck I use Yelp sometimes, but lately Yelp is becoming more and more useless as people give restaurants a one star rating over a bad waiter, or a dirty fork. When I go to a restaurant I want to eat something good and if I’m at a new restaurant I have no idea what’s good, so asking someone- seems like the smart thing to do.

And that’s why I created and invited some of my friends to write on the site.

What will you find on

  • short reviews so you can eat instead of read
  • a recommendation, by the writer, of their favorite thing to eat
  • a Google maps link in every post so you can find the restaurant or use Google’s voice directions
  • a picture of the food recommendation

So here’s how easy it is to use on your phone.

Go to your bookmarks (the site is in your bookmarks right?) or just type in in your phone’s search box.

They type in the name of the city you are in:



Then click enter, or the search icon to find all of the posts that mention that city.




It’s really easy to scroll through your results or the posts, because the site was created to be super mobile friendly. Then click on the picture you like to open the recommendation.




In every review, the first mention of the restaurant is a link to the Google map of the restaurant, just click on the link and BOOM, you are in Google maps and you can just look at the map, or use turn by turn voice directions to quickly find the restaurant.




You can also search by a specific type of food:




Or by a type of meal:




Or by dietary choices




We are not a company, we are not an app, but we do love food and want to share our food finds with you. Let us know how we can make this better in the comments below. Hope you find something good.



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