Baja Fish Taco At The Taco Stand In San Diego


This blog is not supposed to be about best restaurants, or about “the best thing I’ve ever ate”, it’s just supposed to tell you about ONE thing that we think you should eat when you visit a certain place. But sometimes, I have to tell you the complete story. The complete story is that the Baja Fish Taco at The Taco Stand in San Diego was the best fish taco I’ve EVER had, and I’ve had a LOT.

It was mostly, and surprisingly, the FISH. The fish was like… butter. So fresh, so soft, so perfect. Yes the handmade fresh tortillas are great, yes the toppings were fresh and yummy, but what if someone found a perfect piece of fish and fried it in such a way that you could look god confidently in the face and say “I think you’ll like this.”

All of the tacos at The Taco Stand in San Diego were great, the meat tacos were great, the vegetarian tacos were great, but the fish taco, was something else.

This location is within walking distance of Petco park, but they also have Taco Stand locations in Encinitas and La Jolla.




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