Mr. and Mrs. Cod At Local Healthy Tapas And Sake In Costa Mesa


Even though Mark Kurlansky thought enough about cod to write a book about it, most people don’t drool when they hear the word cod and that’s a shame. What makes cod so unappealing to most is the same reason why most paintings start with a white canvas. Cod invites you to play with it, it gives you space to introduce interesting flavor combinations and that’s just what Local Healthy Tapas and Sake in Costa Mesa does with their Mr. and Mrs. Cod dish.

Those two sauces. The Mr. and the Mrs. are so unexpected, so bright, they brought a smile to my face the entire time I ate my blank, white cod. While Local is mostly known for their vegan food, they have a single page of non-vegan food that is far from an after thought. You should give Mr. and Mrs. Cod a visit one day, they aren’t what they seem.


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